From Mind

In November month I have to joined a company in Noida.

I was little bit scared because the company work was totally new (in Framework) for me as i knew after discussion with manager at the time of interview.

I learned the new work when i was serving my notice period.

The date has come when i have to left the company and then i relocated to company’s location on day Saturday.

I have to join company on Monday. I was little bit scared on my first day in company. I completed the companies formalities and completed my first day. I went to my “PG kum Kothi”, i was alone in room so at the time of sleeping i was scared as i was feeling someone is in my room, but when i left my bed no one was there. Again i tried to sleep but same thing was happening with me.

After some time i discussed this thing with my family and dr.’s but they respond me you has come from a big company where you was spending time with your friends, “sab sahi ho jayega tera waham hai”.

No one told me you please leave this PG even not Dr.

I was not taking proper sleep because scare and because i was not taking proper sleep my company work was getting messy, i was feeling down as my concentration level and confidence was going low. After 45 days i decided to change my PG, and i changed my PG but before this i stayed for one night in new PG because i want to check the scared condition will be happen or not. But i found the right PG when i took sleep around 6 hours and next day i joined company where i need to join a new team, new team means new work, i took KT from one of my team member where i understood the business login. That team member provided me some tasks that were pending from last few months. I started my work on those tasks but i was still not feeling good, but i was working constantly.

About My Mother

If i talk in normal for all then Mother is a supreme and divine creation of GOD, who loves and cares her child in unconditional manner.

My mother play a very important role in my life strongly says my mother is my strength.

My mother has played a very important role in my physical growth as well as in education growth.